Thursday, April 30, 2009


The lilies of the valley are blooming...

...and telling each other secrets.

Violet listens in...

But Violet and her Robert Lansing eyebrows find those flowers kind of boring.

But not this little digger bee and his Robert Lansing eyebrows...

...who also has something in common with this...

...the fluffiness and lightness of dandelions who pretty soon will be airborne too. 

Lots and lots of whiteness in the garden....and also lots and lots of wetness.

All this rain is making things look very clean and it also makes it easy to dig up those darn dandelions. Hopefully this weekend I'll have them all removed from the backyard. Dandelions, when they go to seed, are the dustbunnies of the outdoors. As soon as they're "vacuumed"  up and done away with, everything looks so much better. But you know, and I hate to admit this, individually and up close, they're kind of pretty...


snakey said...

dandelions are so fantastically sculptural. i vaguely remember a fountain at the local mall in my hometown that had spray jets and looked dandelion heads.

*breathes in the virtual perfume of lilies of the valley*

Viooltje (Violet) said...

I ♥ lilies of the valley!

I think yours have longer (I don't know the English word) "atachements to the stem" than ours have.
Do they dangle in the wind?

>^..^< prrrrrrrrr

Viooltje (Violet) said...

I do hope the turtles love to eat the dandelionleaves and don't eat the lilies of the valley.
The last one's are poisoness.
Be careful and aware of the red "berries" (seeds?) they make after they bloom.

You probably did knew that?
I thought, better safe than sorry.

Maureen said...

The image of those 2 secret tellers is fantastic, as is the bee, I love those 3 little bumps on his head.

Maria said...

Snakey-I've seen that fountain must have been in a LOT of local malls!

Violet-they JUST started to open up two days ago so they're not real perfume-y yet (could be because of all the rain too). And yes, they do sort of dangle and shiver and shake in any slight breeze :-) It was hard to photograph them because there wasn't too much light and any slight movement of any kind would make them "dingdongding." :-)

Oh-and I know they're very, very poisonous. There's about 40 feet of these guys along my driveway but since the turtles are behind a fence in the backyard, they will never have access to them. I'm not sure they're poisonous to turtles though. Box turtles can eat a lot of toxic things in the wild which have no effect on them. It is for this exact reason why they have never been eaten by humans. The toxins stay in their systems.

Maureen-I know! Aren't those two little flowers darling? I was happy to get Violet in that shot too.

I thought the bumps on the bee's head were water droplets but when I looked him up on, those digger/mining bees really do have little bumps on top of their heads. And eyebrows!

Barb said...

I like the way you transition from one photo to another in this post, showing us the similarities in different things. Beautiful photos as usual! Have a great weekend.

Violet who wasn't logged in anymore... :o) said...

okiedokie :o) about the turtles.

And white flowers are more difficult to photograph anyway (I think) and oh yeah the wind is a nasty spoilsport too (grrr)!

2 times, while making photo's and pffft: little dandelion parachute's... everywhere...

Country Girl said...

Oh, they are! I must agree. I mean about the dandelions. Ok, and the cat's eyebrows as well!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that little bee is cute! Seems to even like his picture being taken more than Violet ;)

I loved Dandelion's as kid, running around blowing all the seeds off like crazy. With the hindsight that comes with adulthood, I probably wasn't very popular with all the gardeners in the area *grin*

Maria said...

Barb-thank you for your very nice and observant comment. That is exactly what I was trying to do! :-)

Violet who was not logged in anymore-you are a little poet, aren't you? ;-)

Kate-Huh? Yeezus.

Wonk-I was repotting something outdoors and looked behind me and there was that little hairy bee. Unlike Violet, he had NO problem getting photographed. I just couldn't manage my camera to photograph the parts I wanted. Photographing that little bee was the kick in the pants I needed to start researching SLRs this weekend.

Viooltje (Violet) said...


Unknown said...

I Love Lillies of the vally! I need to plant some! Wonderful pictures!

Viooltje (Violet) said...

Did you see the shorter "atachements to the lily stem aka what do you call them in English-Thingemy's" on my blog the other day?

bye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>