Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Separated at birth?

I've been trying to take a picture of Violet that doesn't look so mean or so full of resentment. It's been hard (maybe impossible) because Violet has just one or two expressions, neither one of them very pleasant. Violet also has some missing teeth which doesn't help much. And one of her biggest problems is having Robert Lansing sized eyebrows. Those eyebrows do not contribute much cuteness when you have a little tiny cat head. See the resemblance? 

You don't?????

Oh c'mon. Look at these two. They could be twins...if they were the same species........the same sex.........the same era in time.......

Taking a good picture of Violet is one of this summer's challenges. In the meantime, the "Freckles" violets are blooming their little heads off where I planted them years ago.

And quite a few have birthed themselves across the lawn.

Cuteness and sweetness. But it would be a different story if they had to deal with Robert Lansing sized eyebrows too. :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, you may have found something very interesting here. Those pictures show such a striking comparison. It's uncatty, really.

abb said...

Where did you get those violets? I love them!

You cat is much prettier than those men...tho there is a strong resemblance.

Maria said...

Tristan and Crikey-You made me laugh out loud.

TSannie-I got a packet from Thompson and Morgan years and years ago. "Freckles" grows in my yard in a really difficult dry and shady area directly under a crabapple tree. A lot of them have self sowed themselves to the other side of the yard which I don't mind because their little freckle spots are so cute peeking up through the grass at this time of year. They self sow like crazy and in very difficult places too. I'm not sure what would happen if they got hold of an easy place to live (!!!!!). Still, I love them. I'd get some seeds and plant them now so you have violets next year. :-)

And regarding Robert Lansing, he actually is an interesting looking man. I just used the photos that had something in common with Violet's.

Robert Lansing was in my one of my favorite Star Trek episodes with Teri Garr but is probably best known for being in the 1960s series "12 O'Clock High." As he got older, his eyebrows just kept getting bigger and bigger (not Lloyd Bridges big) but big enough that I just got fixated on them.

I always thought Violet's eyebrows were kind of big and when I searched for photos of Robert Lansing last night, my thoughts were confirmed! I'm kind of relieved you guys agree because that was one odd research mission I was on last night. :-)

Anonymous said...

If you hadn't of said I would have just thought little Violet was looking in the mirror! *grin*

Barb said...

Oh, my gosh - how funny. Poor Violet! You may have to take her for an eyebrow wax in order to get a "cute" photo.

Country Girl said...

Yes, I do think they look alike. You're a freaking nut!!!
And those violets are gorgeous.

Maria said...

Wonk! Ha ha ha *snort* ha ha ha!!!

Barb-Oh.......oh........I really don't know about that. That's quite an image. :-D

Kate, um yes. That's what I thought too. You know, sometimes you get an idea in your head at midnight for a post and it all seems so reasonable at the time but with this post...even at midnight, I did question myself. But seriously, she DOES have his eyebrows! Doesn't she??????

The violets are very sweet. They're not big like the wild ones, they stay kind of low to the ground. Might be because they're growing in an area where even weeds have a hard time growing. They're pretty cute with how some of their little heads are looking up and some of them are looking down and they are extra cute when it's breezy because they all look giggly then. I love them.

Viooltje (Violet) said...


... and I love the freckles.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen speckled violets before just purple and white.

Maria said...

I've seen black violets. They are gorgeous. I really like "Freckles" violets though because they come back every year very dependably.

Viooltje (Violet) said...

We have pink and purple violets.
I didn't see our white one's this year though.

I've seen the black violets in the gardencentre.