Sunday, April 26, 2009

Freddie, are you there?

Freddie must be on my mind because of the claw marks I found in the wood beam on Friday. I had a dream last night that Freddie was at the back door and I was feeding him cut up cooked carrots and chicken. In the dream I wondered if I was in a dream and that if I was, to remember what I was doing so that when I woke up, I could check my memory to see if it was real or not. I woke up and dang, it was a dream. No Freddie.

But when I went outside this morning I saw this...

I had just washed the cushion cover the day before (of course) and somebody found some mud and put a big foot print on it. Could it have been a maybe Freddie? The footprint is kind of hard to figure out because of the cross shape in the middle of the pad. Odd pressure points there. It's definitely not that large smoking cat, it's too big for a squirrel, it didn't quite look like a possum's......could it really be a raccoon? 

I've been thinking of that Freddie all day and just a short time ago I heard a loud chittering coming from a neighbor's tree. A sound I had never heard before. When I went on-line to find out what a miffed raccoon sounded like, the footprint identification was confirmed. There's a raccoon still in the neighborhood and it might be Freddie. Aw, could it really be Freddie? It would be just like him to wait until the cushion and clean pillows were put back on the glider for him to return. That raccoon likes a comfortable place to take naps and prefers to have his meals served to him on plates.

And no, it definitely was a dream last night because the refrigerator didn't have any leftover chicken in it. I checked. :-)


Maureen said...

I wanna think it was Freddie too.

Tristan and Crikey said...

We think that it was Freddie! He really should learn to wipe his feet though.

Violet said...

Yesssss, I hope it is Freddie!

We just saw (one of) "our" hedgehogs back last nigth, eating together with the outdoor cats.
Or rather the cats where watching and the hedgehog ate their food.
I only got a photo of his/her back walking back in the bushes.

Of course we gave the poor cats new food.
LOL the cats are umpftimes bigger than the hedgehogs but they respect them and donate their food (un)willingly.

TSannie said...

Here's hoping it's Freddie!

Barb said...

The mystery continues...make some chicken and get out the good china!

Maria said...

Maureen and TSannie- Meeeeeeeeeee too.

Tristan and Crikey-Yeah, you would think a raccoon who sleeps with pillows and eats on plates would know enough to wipe his feet!

Violet- Hedgehogs!!!!! I cannot imagine the adorableness of finding something like that in a garden.

Barb-The gooooood china. Excellent idea. >:-)

Violet said...

pssst I think the same about Freddie.
Probably because of your adorable photo's!?