Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wherrrrrrrre's Michael?

We have sort of a daily game around this time of year. In the spring, the turtles get bored being stuck in their tanks and want to get out and walk around and do something. Spring is here, and dang it all, a turtle's got a lot of things to do. But I can't let them outdoors yet because it's still too cold. So in the meantime, they make a lot of racket until I let them out of their tanks and let them stroll around the basement...and climb on things... and knock things over... and move things around. All of those things add up to a lot of fun for a turtle. Not for me, but the infrequent sounds of hearing things getting moved or knocked over are much preferable to hearing their little feet grind against the sides of their tanks for as long as it takes to get my attention. Errrgh. I just hate that sound. So out of the tanks they get to go.

When it's time to put them back in after a couple hours of doing their turtle thing in the basement, it's always interesting to see where they end up. It's usually never the same place. And sometimes they can get kind of creative such as this unique little spot that was found yesterday. Here is where I found Michael. Under a big piece of wood, on top of a planting tray, inside a wire planting basket. That's three prepositions used to describe just one place!

It's quiet down there right now and since I like quiet (in the basement, at least), I'll let Michael Ray and Cathy Jean stay put in their new hiding places until bedtime. No telling where I'll find them but Cathy Jean has been pretty consistent. She positions herself at the basement door hoping that it will open. Turtles know all about doors and the concept of hinges and that if they push long enough on one side, the door might open for them. Cathy Jean doesn't know it but that door will probably not open for a couple more weeks (it's still cold out there!) and since there is no chance of ever changing a turtle's mind about things, I'll just let her keep doing what she's doing. She's determined, she's hopeful, she's both. That kind of thing you don't mess with.


Country Girl said...

Determination and hope. Yeah, I wouldn't mess with that either.

Bring on spring, they say!!

Mental P Mama said...

I have missed them!

abb said...

Hurry warm weather!

Maria said...

Yes. Hurry up warm weather! I can't wait for those two to get outdoors!

olivia said...

LOL, that is so funny! Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm happy to have found your wonderful blog ... :)