Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad pictures of some somewhat bad cats

I've run out of things to photograph in the garden and Violet has not exactly been obliging. This is usually the face I get from her, if I can get a photo of her face at all.

Yes, here's another one. The exact same face showing complete resistance to any picture that I might be thinking of taking. And I probably had to take about a dozen shots "in profile" just to get this one! At least you can see some tail action in this one...tail action is a given when there is a camera around.

Since Violet has successfully escaped from having any portraits taken in the immediate future, I might as well take advantage of the other cats that show up. 

The resistance to facing the camera starts immediately...

"I think I saw air move over your shoulder. I must be the witness for that."

I kept trying to get a full face picture but somebody just kept moving. Side to side, distracted with all sorts of imaginary things happening in every direction except for the one facing me.

Okay, I've been challenged. I am going to get that shot of a cat's face and you know, I don't even care what the photo looks like at this point. I started clicking away at any direction I thought the cat might be looking at in the future.

Ha! Gotcha!

These cat face pictures are horrible...but they're pictures of cat faces. I won I won I won! Once you throw out that whole aesthetic thing, picture taking moves along pretty fast. Just grab the camera and heck, who needs a viewfinder to see what you're photographing? Just take that camera and hold it anywhere where you think a good photo might happen and click away.

Which meant that Violet had not escaped from  being a photographic subject. 

But um, it became immediately clear that this technique could be extraordinarily dangerous if used when photographing birds.

Eddie concurs.


Country Girl said...

As I sit here giggling, I'm reminded how difficult it is to get a photo of someone who does not want it taken. I feel so lucky that my dog actually seems to like the camera.
And thanks for that comment this morning. I'd forgotten all about that box . . .

Maureen said...

Very funny, made me laugh. I have a similar group of images of my parrot scowling at me as well. He hates the phone too, I can't answer it if he's on my shoulder or he'll bite the you-know-what out of me. Wants my total attention.

Mental P Mama said...

We need to introduce Eddie to my Pionus Cupid;)

snakey said...

i am laughing so hard! :DDDDD

Tristan and Crikey said...

Why, that's exactly how we pose for pictures! Heeheehee

Barb said...

The cats and bird obviously wanted to give us a wonderful, uplifting (if not exactly in focus) post.

Wonk said...

Made me smile :)

You know what they say - never work with children or animals, teehee!

Violet said...