Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Willful pets

This old photo of Bert in the backyard with Violet was probably taken around 1995. There is a range of willfulness in all my pets but until this one little episode, Bert would have not been on that scale. He was such a good pet and friend (he was the one who was patient enough to endure a baby parrot's examination of his teeth, he also endured Lucy the turtle crawling all over him to find just the right spot to sleep with him). As you can see, while I was busy mowing the yard, Bert was busy maintaining his spot in the middle of it. I kept mowing. He insisted on staying put. Around and around I went with the mower...until I got to that last little square of uncut grass. Bert was not going to move. By the time I returned with a camera, Violet was helping Bert maintain his little plot of grass by claiming the lawn mower. It was two against one so I let them keep their square of grass. :-)


snakey said...

Hahahaha! Bert was such a gorgeous boy!

Country Girl said...

Ha! Fun with mowing. And cats!