Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

I have writer's block really bad. Actually, I am having an anything and everything about life block too. I feel like I've explored enough about me in this blog that I've gotten to the last page of the story of me.  I am clear on how and why I've done everything in my life. Subject matter? Got that covered too, down to the last mosquito in the backyard.  So what's left? Errrgh. I hate it when this block thing happens. I know it's part of the creative cycle and hopefully won't last too long but errgh, I hate this wasting time waiting for a spark of something to appear so I can get started again. I know I should work through it, that's probably why some of you have seen some recent posts appear....and then disappear. Ha ha ha.

Michael Ray does not have a block of any kind. When things get in his way, he literally pushes through them.  Makes me appreciative of him and his goals right now. I should be more like a turtle and just march through whatever is in my way, if I knew what that was. I wish it was as easy as what he's doing now... moving Stella's cage to a different part of the room. I forgot how much he likes to redo interiors  (the turtles are in the dining room right now because I'm waiting for the outdoors to warm up a bit so I can put them outside...maybe this will be their last day outdoors for the year, not yesterday).

In the meantime, I'm taking some time off from work and since I haven't felt very inspired or creative for a couple weeks, I'm going to take advantage of that and start doing some earnest cleaning. And maybe if I get rid of some dust and clutter and figure out how everything I own has made it to the floor, I'll feel a bit better about things. And then maybe I won't feel so bad about taking a picture of a turtle who is accumulating dust on his walks through the house. 

And I'll also be prepared for some good picture taking when Michael starts focusing on the dining room chairs and how they need to be moved to the back room that gets a lot of sun. That is one of the funniest things to watch....chairs moving down the hallway apparently all by themselves...if you weren't aware that you were living in a house with turtles.



Country Girl said...

Is that a suitcase packed? Are you going somewhere?

Maria said... That poor suitcase has just not made it upstairs to the attic yet. I'm in the process of clearing out stuff and for some reason, that's where the suitcase ended the doorway. I'm not sure where it is now but I know it hasn't made it to the attic yet. Gawd. It's a good thing the turtles help with the dusting.