Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's warm. It's sunny. It's October.

When cold rain falls nonstop from a sky full of low-hanging dreary clouds, I forget that this is what happens just a day or two later...

One thing I love about fall is the golden light reflected from the trees that have changed color.

Just makes you happy standing under a canopy of such incredible yellow.

Some of the leaves have already started to drop from the trees.

In a couple days, Violet will help with the raking (she gets all the bags open for me). Right now, it's time to take advantage of some warm concrete under all that wonderful yellow.

The color this time of year is just crazy. It's so supersaturated.

See these snapdragons? When I bought them this spring, they were orange. They were orange for a long time until fall happened and then they decided to add a little crazy to their color. 

The cat that has adopted my yard as his, has been taking lots of naps on the glider, ignoring other cats that come up on the deck during the day and possums that come up at night.

I may not like him too much, but I do like those freckles on his face. 

Those whiskers poke out from a perfect grid.

But enough of this camera in his face business, he had things to do, but first a little stop to get  a drink.

I question the direction that goldfish is swimming...

...but everyone seems to be in a friendly mood on such a pretty, sunny day.

I just wish the sun stayed out as long as it does during the summer. I am missing those long days already but I suppose this fall color is like a finale in a fireworks display. The best show comes rapidly at the very end and get to have memories.


Country Girl said...

Pretty, pretty pictures! I like your photogenic kitty, too.

Mental P Mama said...

That cat is starting to grow on me....Love those trees.

Maria said...

Oh, I guess that cat is starting to grow on me too but he's such a gruff, tough," Lady, I need some food now" dude.