Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sort of a theme here...

A couple weeks ago, the only bug I could find to photograph was a stinkbug. That was the bug of the day. Stinkbug in the backyard, stinkbug in the front yard (different colors so I know they weren't the same one). I don't see stinkbugs that often but when I do, I immediately revert to a six year old and imagine that I am going to be squirted with a skunk-strength stink. So then I just run away fast. But I've gotten a bit more comfortable with the bugs this past summer and surprised myself for being able to get so close to photograph this particular guy...but then he jumped backwards onto my face. Back to being a six year old. Aiyeeee! The previous insect I photographed a few weeks ago, the praying mantis, did the exact same thing. I know the bugs feel they fulfilled their photo opportunity duties this past summer and that they now feel entitled to being left alone. ALONE. I know that. I'm getting the message, I just don't want to hear it.

I'm not ready to end my photography for the year yet. But then, there just aren't that many bugs left in the backyard. :-/ They've either all left for the year or been snared by the many spiderwebs that traverse the yard. This guy has been outside the kitchen door on the deck for weeks. I've watched him (her?) get bigger and bigger and bigger. I thought maybe spiders used both sides of their webs but I have never, ever seen this guy's much preferable front side...therefore successfully eluding many picture taking opportunities for me (little smarty-stripey-pants).

I knew I had reached a desperation low in subject manner today when the only insect I could find to photograph was a mosquito. A mosquito (really, that is pathetic). And could it get worse? Oh yes, the mosquito ignored me. A  mosquito ignored me. 

The outdoors seems to have run its course for the year, but I still had the indoors, at least I thought...

Stella (who never is that happy to have her picture taken anyway) has had enough of being photographed too.




"What am I thinking?"


Okay, I get it. No more photographing insects (and probably Stella) until 2009. Makes me kind of sad because even though some of my guests this past summer were a bit of a strain, I will miss visiting with them. I just don't want to give that up yet but I guess the decision has been made for me.

But next year I'll be back and I'll have an even better camera. >:-)


Mental P Mama said...

Oh that is funny. Stella is all puffed up and mad. My parrot Cupid doesn't like the camera either. What is up with that?

Country Girl said...

Oh, you are funny. And so is Stella.

Maria said...

MP Mama-I read somewhere that birds think that the head of a human being is who they are and the rest of their body is just some sort of traveling "tree" or something. When Stella would see me take a picture of her with my old non-digital camera and saw my face (or "me") getting covered, she would fly toward me to protect me and OUCH, I would get bitten. I have plenty of pictures of her flying toward me caught in the moment of "helping" me. My current digital camera has a little red light sensor that goes off before I take a picture. When Stella sees that, she opens her mouth to bite something.....if there was something to bite. It makes me laugh. Every time I take a picture. She's got her mouth wide open getting ready to take out something. Stella doesn't need a camera to get her all puffed up and mad though. She is so awful but I sure do find her entertaining. What kind of parrot is Cupid?