Sunday, October 5, 2008

The wedding reception (which was all about Boo, according to Boo)

Allison and her dad were enjoying a dance together...alone.

Boo saw what was going on and thought that looked like a fun thing to do, he wanted to dance with Allison too.

Boo was there within seconds.

"Mister, that's my new mom!" "I'm cutting in.......Mister?, Allison?"

They never even noticed Boo (can you imagine?).


But there were plenty of people to spend some quality and quantity time with...

...and nice people he had never even met before.

All was good again and maybe Boo was in the best place he could possibly be at that minute, that day.

His new mom and dad eventually found him (you can see a hint of Boo in the lower right)...

It was an absolutely perfect day (for everyone and Boo, since everything is all about the Boo, that's what I've heard).


T.Allen-Mercado said...

The Black Box led me to you. What beautiful photos, Boo seems to have enjoyed himself! Congratulations on your nuptials, all the best.

Country Girl said...

Nice story, Maria. I looked at all the pictures and it looks like a lot of love going on here! Especially like that Boo.

And thanks for the kind comment you left on my site. It really meant a lot to hear it.

willow said...

Boo looks like he is having a marvelous time, along with everyone else!

Glad you liked the recipe! :^)

Q said...

Dear Maria,
I have enjoyed this wedding so much. Boo is great. Lovely landscape.
Thanks for the trip and the love....

Mental P Mama said...

That last picture is beautiful!

Maria said...

T Allen-Mercado-Thanks for your kind comment.

MP Mama-I really like that photo too. :-)

Sherry-Boo is a great dog. He's just so silly. He did a great job of keeping things calm on a very emotional day.

Willow-Boo always has a great time. There were just more people to witness it that day. And the chicken with celery, garlic and wine was so easy and it was such a great thing to make for fall. Thanks for posting it right when I needed it. :-D

Kate-Dogs are so wonderful at helping people cope with everything that comes at them. I hope George is spending a lot of time with you. :-)