Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve

I'm not sure why this witch has 14 cats. I would think she would set her limit at 13 but I guess when you have that many, what's one more? This postcard didn't scan too well because it's embossed and has a lot of gold on it. Click on the image if you want to see it in more detail.

What's written on the back to a Miss Esther Haey:

McAlveys Fort, Penn
October 27, 1921

Dear Cousin,
How are you? I am ok, and hope you are the same. I am going to school, are you? What are you going to do Halloween eve? I do not know what I will do. This picture on the other side is you and your black cats. Frank is going to be home Sat. I have a dog and 4 cats. How many have you? Well I must go to bed.
Earl Powell


Country Girl said...

Where do you get this cool stuff? I clicked on the postcard and it's so cool. Thanks for posting. And have a spooky Hallows Eve.

Maria said...

I got this one at an antique show in St. Joseph, Missouri a lonnnnng time ago. There are usually postcard dealers when you go to these sorts of shows and bonus, they have the cards pre-sorted by subject matter. There's also eBay and antique malls. I don't have a lot of postcards (I'd be surprised if I have more than 10). One of these days I would like to frame some of them but dang, I'm out of wall space. :-/

And as for a spooky Hallows front porch is full of predatory (the beneficial kind) insects. One tiny praying mantis, tons of stinkbugs, tons of ladybugs (they are all over Kansas City today) and maybe a pound of lacewings (they're too delicate looking to get away with too much exaggeration). :-) For some reason, all the spiders bolted the heck out of there. It was a little weird.

Kate, you have a spooky Hallows Eve in your new house tonight too. :-)