Monday, October 6, 2008

Something "P and D"...

...which (according to Michael, Michael Ray's namesake) is short for "precious and 'dorable."

Dick found these at an estate sale years ago. The woman who lived in the house was a portrait painter. She had boxes and boxes in her basement studio of these little painted sketches that were done on any kind of flat surface that would take paint. She painted on the back of cereal boxes, old computer galley paper, absolutely anything. 

Apparently, she used everything that came her way. It didn't even matter if there were existing creases in the cardboard before she started painting... 

I fell in love with these little girl paintings and Dick let me keep them. I was not so interested in the series she did of adolescent boys from the 70s. That's a bad age for a portrait, a bad era for fashion, and every kid back then had bad hair and lots of it. I passed on those portraits. 

However, these little paintings of the little girl are so darn sweet. I'm not sure if the photos they're based on are from the 60s, 50s or even earlier. 

This one is my favorite.


Country Girl said...

You've got a good eye, Maria, because these are absolutely adorable. Why would someone paint on cereal boxes and packing materials? I do like the texture and the color of the boxes, however.
Perhaps that's why?

Maria said...

Actually, it's my friend Dick who has the good eye. He finds the most amazing stuff at estate sales. The other piece of art he gave me was the pretty girl coloring book page (one of my favorites!):

I like the cardboard too. But painting on green and white striped galley sheets was a bit mystifying to me. She really did use anything that was within her reach.