Friday, October 3, 2008

The wedding rehearsal

Not that any of us got too involved with that. Most of us were on the deck drinking champagne. These were two families that were not going to be wrangled easily...if at all. And why would you leave a view like this? It just was not going to happen. Difficult. Impossible. Both sides. Besides, there was plenty of champagne.

Down below and to the side of the deck is a great big rock. My sister Colleen said kids cannot stay off it. Sure enough, one kid.

No wait, two.

They just had to get repositioned a little bit.

Across from them was their brother and grandfather observing the ubiquitous Boo. 

I'm not sure how Boo managed it but when anyone needed some nerves to be calmed or just needed something to do to kill time, he was right there. Like I said, an excellent host...(takes some odd pictures though).


The Weaver of Grass said...

I hope Boo isn't going to the wedding. I know he is the right colour but he is such a showstopper he might take attention away from the bride. Lovely dog.

Mental P Mama said...

I love Boo, and the rock, too.

Maria said...

Weaver-I hadn't realized it until you mentioned it but Boo was absent for about an hour while the whole wedding took place. Someone must have kept him and his brother occupied inside the winery during the serious stuff. But they were soon let out to join the party. Everything is about the dogs, as it should be. :-)

Boo and Bacchus are Samoyeds. You can't tell because they were shaved for the summer. Boo looks ridiculous-like a cartoon dog, but the haircut sure suits his personality. :-)

MP Mama-I think you just wrote the first sentence in a children's book. :-)