Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Introduction to Violet

Violet 1995
Violet 1996
Violet 2008
Violet was named after my stepgrandmother (I met her only once but I always liked the name). I really should have added an "n" to Violet's name though because "Violent" was more like it. Oh she was awful as a kitten. She was a kitten for...ten years I think. Bad. Every day of her kitten life. But she eventually learned to calm down and learn that doing absolutely nothing can sometimes be the best thing you can do with your day...

She is now a very good helper when it comes to photographing anything knitted. For example, here is Violet showing off the front end of a scarf...

...and the back end.

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Windyridge said...

How very pretty, cat and garment! The title of your blog is very catchy. I had to come see what it was about. It is a rather unusual title!