Friday, August 29, 2008

Postcards from 1909 and 1910

The old maid postcards are odd and compelling (for me at least) but they aren't that clever or funny, actually they're kind of mean. However, I think these kitty cat cards from the same time period are funny and just as odd...and maybe a little mean spirited too but they do make me laugh. Probably because I'm not a cat. 

I wonder whoever that can can be
Who's keeping his gaze so fixed on me.
In case he thinks that frightened I'll be
I'll stare, as long as he stares at me.

The Interfering Parrot
"These kittens are sweet" said the parrot,
"I admire their Mother too."
"Then please keep away" said the big cat,
"As I can't say the same of you."

(I love that little kitten clawing its way up the tablecloth. Those memories of bad kittenhood are still pretty vivid for me and Violet is 14 years old. The macaw on the wood chair? That's not so realistic. That bird would have that chair shredded to sawdust in no time flat.)

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