Friday, August 1, 2008

The Story of Spook the Cat

Once upon a time, a girl named Sarah who lived in the country, was having problems with what she called "bigmice." She could not bring herself to think or say outloud......."r-t." No, the problem was bigmice and she needed a cat. Around this time, a little gray kitty showed up who decided to live at Redbud Ranch. He belonged to a family up the street but he had decided to move to a family he liked better and to a place that was more fun. The other family let him choose where he wanted to live and that of course was Redbud Ranch. But Spook came with a horrible cold that required a lot of visits to the vet over a long period of time. If Spook had a vet appointment that day, Spook would come to work at the River Market Studio (where we worked) and stay the whole day. Spook was completely smitten with Matt, one of the other artists working in the studio. I don't think Matt was an animal person but he accepted the devotion of the visiting cat and continued to work while Spook sat behind his chair enjoying every minute of it. Matt is a devout Mormon. And as I mentioned before, Spook sneezed a lot because of his bad cold. When Spook sneezed (which he did a lot), Matt would continue working and would say very quietly, "Bless you" after every sneeze.

Since then, maybe a dozen more cats have found their way to Redbud Ranch. And all the cats like each other and there are no more bigmice. The End.

Written for Carol and Emma. :-)

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Anonymous said...

We're delighted, Maria!!! Thank you.