Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stella has been downgraded from naughty to really, really bad.

I heard the chewing paper sound coming from the dining room but I thought Stella was working on one of her shredding projects on top of her cage. No. She found something new and unexpected and in under 2 minutes had done this...

She shredded a book, a library book, and worst of all, I had not even read it yet. Bad bird. Bad, baaaaad bird.


Q said...

Really bad bird!!!!
I enjoy all of your critters.
Stella would have much fun at my house, books every where.
Sorry about the book. It appears only a few words were lost.

snakey said...

HAHAHA! I love Stella in the "line up" shot.
Well...I guess the judge would be wasting his time "throwing the book at her".

Maria said...

Oh yes, a really, really bad bird. Definitely the gold medal winner in the bad Olympics at my house this week (the turtle twins can dispute their silver as much as they want, Stella deservingly won her gold!).

I just got an email from Andy's Peg saying that she'd be sending the mug shot to her librarian friend at Longview. That way, if Stella shows up there, they can call security.

Can you imagine Stella loose in a library???? Yeesus (as my Norwegian relatives would say).