Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beatrice H. Plummer Bright painting

About ten years ago, I saw this painting at an auction house when I was visiting Michael in San Francisco. I had an instant love for this painting but dang, the auction was going to be held after I flew back to Kansas City. What to do...? I really wanted this painting. The dealer said I could bid via phone when the auction took place the following week. Oh, that was an odd experience. I remember hearing the auctioneer introduce it as a Beatrice H. Plummer Bright painting. He put a lot of emphasis on the word "bright" so I assumed that that was her last name. He only meant it as a description because when I got the painting, there was no word "bright" in the painting's signature. However, I will always think of it as the Beatrice H. Plummer Bright painting because that is how it sounded when it was introduced to me. When the bidding started, the auctioneer said, "This painting is reminiscent of.....hell, I don't know what. Shall we start the bidding at 5000 dollars?" And then the audience went into uproar. Ha ha ha. Oh well. Lucky for me I won the bid and it is mine (the bidding was restarted at a much lower amount). On the back of the painting there is written the word "Sonny." I think that is the name of Beatrice H. Plummer's bright canary.

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