Monday, August 25, 2008

Grasshoppers (continued)

I went out this morning, looked down at the datura, and those two grasshoppers were still there!!! A little out of focus but still giving me a good staredown. Oh just as proud and happy with themselves as they could be...sprawling in the sun, getting a good la la...

I had heard that grasshoppers could eat a plant right before your eyes but had always thought that was an exaggeration until I witnessed this. Look at this guy! Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. That flower was disappearing in front of my eyes. I could hear it disappearing! 

Datura is a very poisonous plant to humans. It can be deadly. I'm very careful around this plant but something had been munching on it for the past couple months and since I saw no bug carcasses, I could never figure out what was doing it. Until today. When I walked onto the deck this afternoon, I got the creepy feeling that not one grasshopper was staring at me...I was sensing  more like a couple dozen.

They were everywhere. Little grasshopper heads just staring at me on the deck lattice with their drugged out smiles. I mean really, look at this.  Look at that smile.

And look at this guy...

The reason the grasshoppers don't jump when you accidentally disturb them in my backyard is because they're too darn stoned. Every one of them had this stupid look on their face.

And I do not want to be around when they eventually wake from their stupor. Eeeeeeeee! The things just give me the creeps. Did I say that already? Well, I mean it.

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