Monday, August 18, 2008

Mingo the "miniature" goat

About 2 1/2 years ago, while on a trip with Sarah to the feed store, Sarah and Terry's friend Dave decided that the miniature goat they had for sale at the feed store was special and Sarah needed to adopt him. Dave's a musician and is on the road a lot so adopting a goat was kind of out of the question for him. Probably for Sarah too (she already had a ton of animals to take care of) but Dave was insistent and....well, Mingo (the name Dave gave him) came to live at Redbud Ranch.

Sarah took this picture of baby Mingo jumping on and off poor Hickory, Terry's horse. She said Mingo was such a blur of jumping activity that she was surprised she caught a picture of him standing still. And surprised Hickory was so still. When she told the feed store owner about this crazy thing Mingo and Hickory were doing, she was pointed to a wall where people posted pictures of their animals. There on the wall was a picture of a goat and horse doing the exact same thing. The feed store owner said that the only way that particular goat could have gotten onto the back of that particular horse, was for the horse to back up in his stall and allow the goat to jump on. Apparently horses really like that hoof action on their backs!

Later that year when Dave came out again to perform in Kansas City, he performed a song that he was probably working on at the time he first met Mingo. The name of the song was "Cowboys to Girls." There's one line in the song that goes "I remember when you got your first baby coat." I think Dave changed "coat" to "goat" just for Mingo and Sarah. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, here's what Mingo looks like now and he's not a baby anymore, nor is he "miniature." 

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