Friday, August 29, 2008

Errrrrgh. They're back.

I didn't write anything on Thursday because I was too stunned with what happened over a five minute period. Lightning was involved.

Violet raced in the house because her doppelganger appeared. I had never seen this gray cat before but I had to make sure the right gray cat was in the house and the other remained outside. A few minutes earlier, nothing. A few minutes later....this. Look at the one on the right, how many party dudes  is he expecting? Those other two grasshoppers...I have no idea what they're eating, I'm just assuming they brought their own chips.

And of course these two were going at it again.

And then it started to hail. Hail!!!

Mysterious evil twin cat, sudden appearance of a dozen grasshoppers, hail and lightning, all within a five minute time period. So for the rest of the night (because that's a list of omens if you ask me) I stayed off the computer, stayed indoors, locked the doors and made myself a drink.

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Mair said...

oh, man! omens is thinking! dunno if i could have stayed off the computer, though...