Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bad guests leave but a favorite one arrives

No grasshoppers (or should I say grass"stoners") in the yard this morning. And they did not return tonight. They are gone! Gone!!!!! I'm so happy my Hitchcock movie set is not there anymore and that they took their party somewhere else. 

But I did get a brief visit from one firefly who is probably looking for all his friends who left a month ago. I love these little bottom heavy flying bugs. It's hard for them to maneuver because they're so busy concentrating on those lighting signals, they really have no idea where they're going. It's amazing they can stay in the air and that they don't get hurt (or even that concerned) when they collide with something on their way to anywhere.

Early summer in Missouri is so pretty when these guys are all out. I'm happy to just watch them in my yard but when you're driving past a large open area and see their lights slowly flashing up and down, there just isn't anything prettier. Sarah says that at Redbud Ranch, she and Terry like to get out the lawn chairs and grab a beer and just sit out and watch the lightning bugs. I just love the little things. I'm happy for this guy's visit. Hope he finds his friends.

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