Saturday, August 1, 2009

Most beautiful summer ever!

It seems like every day this past summer has been one of blue skies and fluffy white clouds and temperatures in the 70s or 80s.....during the day, not night! And when it rains, it does so late at night when everyone is sleeping so when you wake up in the morning, everything looks bright green and ready to start growing again. Best summer ever.

It's almost as if areas across the country traded their usual summers with each other. Seattle at 105 degrees???? I don't know which city Kansas City traded with but I'm not anxious for that city to figure out where it lost its summer weather and where it should get it back. I'm hoping the weather exchange will take place in....oh....October.

The purple pineapple lily continues to open its flowers from the bottom to the top.

Several years from now I'll have about thirty of these guys blooming together on that Kansas land. But one single purple lily in bloom is still very special.

I usually stick with the less dramatic colored caladiums but am really happy with this Florida Galaxy one I got this year. The small red accent in the middle of the each leaf is very pretty. Very understated for a caladium.

I take this picture near the pond every year...

...and every year I forget to move the hose. Oh well.

Since the weather is cooler, it sounds like fall because you don't hear the normal sound of hot weather insects singing their hearts out. There's just a constant background chirr of something. Since it sounds like very late summer, the orb weavers are in business again.

Yesterday this guy built a dramatic web which made the web easy to see because it was directly in the morning sun. He was busy getting some poor bug all wrapped up for dinner later in the day.

Today he had moved his web to another area close by. When they hang upside down like this, they look like they're ready to do a cannonball into a pool.

I tried my best to get a close-up of his face (because that's what I like to do when I have a spider willing to stay still for a photo) but it's hard when the web is swinging back and forth in the breeze. Makes for some in the end, I finally got my moonshot! :-)

August 1st and it's still so pretty d*mn pretty out there.


Country Girl said...

We had wonderful weather here for so long. Haven't even had to turn on the AC, although I wanted to a couple of times.
Today is damp and close, storms a-coming, I suspect.
I'm glad you're having some wonderful weather!

Maureen said...

Nice to know somebody is having great weather, it is noon and the street lights have blinked on because it is so dark from the next thunderstorm that is looming over NYC at the moment. Armageddon time again.

TSannie said...

Strange but I'm lovin' it!