Friday, August 21, 2009

Possible weed solution?

Oh, it wasn't enough to just imagine something as silly as leaping wallabies in the landscape, I had to take the next step and Photoshop them in to see what they would look like. The only realistic thing in this photo is Violet's definite lack of enthusiasm.

Wallabies in Kansas. Total silliness. But it sure would be fun to watch them take down all that giant ragweed...with Michael Ray and Cathy Jean's help of course.


Gina Martin said...

maria...seems to me it's totally doable! you just need a feasibility study...maybe if you call it a wallaby preserve?

you know they are pretty free range at the kc zoo...wonder if they would miss any?

Leenie said...

Maybe even get a government grant if you tell them you are doing a study.

Mental P Mama said...

I knew you'd come up with something creative!

Maria said...

Oh Gina....can you imagine if they got out what the news would be like? "Wallabies found breaking into Leavenworth Penitentiary." "Wallabies loose on the Schlitterbahn." "Wallabies interrupt Fred Phelps protest to box him in the face." Hmmm....that last one I would like to see happen. MIght be a good thing to have a posse of wallabies when it comes to that guy and his family... >:-)

Leenie-I will put that at the top of my crazy list. But wouldn't it be fun to have a wallaby ranch? :-)

Mental-Wallabies in the landscape would be so much fun and I have slightly, just slightly researched them. They can't be exposed to cats because they're very susceptible to toxiplasmosis. They also are very nervous things and apparently stress can kill them. They're afraid of dogs...and I don't think you can avoid dogs when you're in the country. Anyway, I'm kind of researching the idea. :-) I remember seeing something on TV about a woman who rehabbed kangaroos (in Australia, NOT Kansas) who lived in such an isolated area that when she released the kangaroos back into the wild, she could just use her backyard. Well, the kangaroos did fine in the wild but they liked to return during the hot part of the day and sprawl all over her shaded veranda. It was the funniest thing. If it was me, I would have been serving them lemonade.

Country Girl said...

I think Michael may revolt.

Maria said...

Kate-I actually think he'd like to try stomping on them. He tries to do that with Violet all the time.