Thursday, August 20, 2009


In May, this is what the land looked like...

Two months later, this is what the land looks like if you just continue your way along that cement walkway (there used to be a house on the property several years ago but the house burned down).

I have just identified the incredibly tall weeds that are doing such a good job of growing.

Giant ragweed. Giant. Like capable of growing 17 feet tall!!!!! And I'm sure there was quite the pollen cloud that I probably would not have survived if I had managed to get out there this month. Gawd. Sort of makes me thankful that my little car was not capable of the trip.

But I'm still working on getting that new car and am anxious to get out there again, even if I have to wear a hazmat suit to protect myself from killer pollen and ticks.


Leenie said...

Good luck with that! Thanks again for the kitty piano video and the links to more. Love your Violet. We had a sweet tom with that coloring. He lived to be twenty years old.

Mental P Mama said...

I say bring Michael Ray out there. He'll have that foliage cleared in no time flat!