Saturday, August 15, 2009

A story about a cat and a girl and a worm

One of my favorite things is to unexpectedly catch sight of the backs of two little pointed ears peeking out from behind something knowing that attached to them is a blissfully sleeping cat. This morning I saw Violet's little ears peeking out from behind the sheets of the unmade bed. She was enjoying her second nap since waking up earlier in the morning (!!!!). I couldn't get a photo of her (or her ears) from behind because when she heard me coming, she woke up, turned her head and shot me one of her looks. Violet is well aware of any camera sneaking up on her. But I did get a photo, just not the cute one I was hoping for but cute enough for me...even with her scowl and the fireballs being shot from her eyes.

As smitten as I am with my cat who can tolerate half of about anything, I cannot think of anything more boring than hearing a story about someone's cat...mine included. What is up with that? You can always find something interesting in a dog story because they are so enthusiastic about everything and they are capable of doing things that are so entertainingly astoundingly awful (I'm thinking of Renee's dog Dondi and his penchant for finding nasty things to grab and then try to eat on his walks...maggoty dead moles...frozen phlegm on the winter sidewalk...poop cigars...). Talking parrots almost always have a good story. Even turtles can have a blog dedicated to them and have people actually interested in what they do or don't do every day. Go figure. But for some reason, cats just are not compelling subjects for stories...if you want someone to stick around for the end of them.

But I do have one.

Cathy Law lived in a house that had a garage attached to the basement. In the basement was where she kept the cat box. Cathy Law came home one day, parked her car in the garage and when she walked through the door to the basement, the first thing she saw was a worm lying outside the cat box. Cathy Law put the worm in a jar, grabbed the cat and headed immediately off to the vet. The vet examined the worm and then he examined the cat. His diagnosis? That Billy Law, Cathy Law's cat, would be fine but he wasn't so sure about the earthworm.

Ba dum da dum. :-)

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