Monday, August 31, 2009

Autumn yellow (even though it's still August!)

Sunday morning I woke up to see Cathy Jean and Michael Ray sleeping nose to nose in the dining room but before I could get my camera, Michael had bolted for the back door. After letting him out, I had to go look for Cathy Jean because she had bolted in the opposite direction. I found her in the bedroom thinking she was completely hidden after she tucked her head under the bed. Anyway, the two of them were not going to cooperate for any future picture taking so I thought I'd head out to that land in Kansas and maybe prune the neglected weeping mulberry tree and tidy up the earth around it, maybe mulch...

This picture of the little tree that survived when the house built near it burned to the ground two years ago was taken in May.

And this is what it looked like on Sunday. Can you even see it??? Gawd.

I pulled up some of the ragweed (which was about 8-9 feet tall) but a couple plants filled a lawn bag and made absolutely no dent in the landscape. Pointless to even think of continuing. And besides, the oenothera that was almost covering the tree was so pretty.

As was the goldenrod.

There were lots of busy bees.

And one busy skipper butterfly who was looking a little ragged.

Yellow was definitely the color of the day... the sunflower state.

I think I'll wait for a couple frosts to happen before I start cleanup. I think everyone will be happy with that.



Maureen said...

Jealous, that last shot is gorgeous! Perhaps though, your next purchase should be a weed-wacker.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I think that frost strategy is a very fine one;)

Tristan and Crikey said...

Yellow is a nice color, but we prefurr shades of Violet! Hee Hee

Maria said...

Tristan and Crikey-Ha ha ha. You guys still have it even after that longggggggggg car ride. Hee hee indeed. :-)

Mental-I'll just try again next spring. I have yet to find the markers for the corners of the property. I found two but there are six other areas with pink flags and pink paint somewhere....I'm hoping the frost might help me find those elusive six. In my search on Sunday, I was walking through too many spider webs and even for me, it was getting to be a bit much.

Maureen-I know. I just love looking at a landscape with nothing but a horizon line and a lot of clouds. It's so pretty. And yes to the future weed-whacker. I had one, loaned it to a neighbor and then she moved.... >:-/

Country Girl said...

I think you're right about waiting for that frost.