Monday, July 27, 2009

Profiles in Discourage

I saw this little preying mantis around 7 pm tonight, my first preying mantis of the year. She was not too into me following her around so when she jumped to the top of the fence, she thought she had successfully discouraged me. Oh no. Not me. But she's an ambitious little bug. I watched her try to figure out whether she could leap for the gutter on the side of the house or not.

I saw her look right and I saw her look left but she was not about to give me the satisfaction of looking at me. She decided against leaping for the gutter.

And went over the side of the fence instead.

Which Violet thinks is not such a bad idea.

Because she knows it's impossible to discourage me once I have a camera in my hands, even when I can't get anyone to look at me.


Maureen said...

Great shot of Violet, she knows how pretty her distain is. Ah, the beauty of the hard to get.

Maria said...

Hi Maureen-I like that picture of Violet too. Violet looks good in profile. You can't see her permanent scowl that way. :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks like Violet is giving you the Cheek Of Disrespect!

Maria said...

T&C-Ha! Is that what it's called!

Country Girl said...

I love your mantis shots with all the wonderful bokeh making it look almost like Christmas lights!