Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Meg couldn't use her shovel one day because it was being used by a little frog who was not going to budge. She got a staredown.

I know all about that sort of thing. If Michael wants something, he stands his ground and gives me a goooooood staredown. However long it takes. He will get his way once I figure out what his way is.

I was having issues with some jumping spiders that kept trying to get into the house. I'm not sure why I'm describing it as trying because they did keep getting into the house. And then they had to be guided right back out. I got some staredowns.

They could put on their cute face but they still got escorted out.

Even the ones who used all of their eyes to give me a good staredown.

Stella has always been good with the staredowns to get what she wants or something she doesn't know she wants. She just knows that a good staredown will get you something.

In the next day or so I close on the 21 acres in the country. Twenty one acres. That's a lot of staring eyes. Even so, I'm excited about it and am looking forward to figuring out what all those new staredowns mean.


Mental P Mama said...

21 is such a lucky number, too;)

Maureen said...

Great images, good luck with the signing!

Leenie said...

Been lurking and looking at your wonderful blog. The froggy in the shovel was hilarious. I also love the little jumping spiders with their whiskery faces and beady eyes. The turtles are a hoot! Best wishes on your big change and all that goes with signing papers and moving.

Maria said...

Mental-Ha! Never ever even thought of the luck aspect to that number. :-)

Maureen-Aw, thanks. The first part took place tonight and it was entirely effortless and stress-free. Whew!

Leenie-Welcome to my little blog (which just got bigger by 21 or so acres!). Meg took the picture of that little frog. I guess it's pretty common to find him lodged in that shovel handle. I love taking pictures of spiders because it's always a surprise to see what gets photographed when you can clearly zoom in on the computer. Jumping spiders have the most expressive faces. Turtles being a hoot? No, I don't think so.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The Vintage Vignette said...

How in the world did you get that close to those spiders without them jumping right up your nose or something? My goodness these are the most awesome photos ever. I can't wait to show my hubby!

Dawn said...

Happy congrats to the 21 acres signing. Now if we could get some bands signed on we could have ourselves a woodstock of sorts. Think Jagger would return ? Many thanks for the pic of Missy Stella. I howled at the look on her face. Real attitude that girl has I tell you. I am still awaiting both my babies. The first grandchild due mid next month and the girl meyers baby due likely the end of August. I feel like I should be nesting or something, LOL !! Also had 7 robins, 2 separate hatchlings fly the coop of late. Gotta love them birdies. Have a lovely weekend.

Maria said...

VV-Aren't those spiders great? I set my little Canon SD850 to the macro setting and then just click away and hope for the best. My camera is within an inch or two of the spiders, not my face! Take a look at my May 10 post for another picture of a jumping spider. You can't tell they have such crazy faces until you zoom in and study them on the computer. Thanks for the compliment. I don't think I did anything extraordinary, just took a heck of a lot pictures in hope that a couple would turn out....and they did. :-)

Maria said...

Hey Dawn-That whole post was inspired by your request for something about Stella. Glad you liked the picture of her. And I'm so happy I'm finally happy about this land baroness thing. Things have been really, really calm in the last week and I am really enjoying that. And bands? That would be fabulous if people don't mind getting covered with ticks. Errrgh. Just hate those things. First animals I get when I move out there are a whole lot of guinea hens since they're supposed to really enjoy looking for ticks and eating them.

Ha ha ha about nesting. Pre-congrats on the grandchildren-one winged, one not.

Kendrick said...

Thanks forr posting this