Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pineapple lilies

Last year I kept the seeds from the pineapple lily that bloomed to see if the seeds would germinate this year. I threw the dried flower stalk into a paper bag, ignored it in the basement for the entire winter and a couple months ago, sprinkled the seeds into a little 4 pack. It took about a month for them to germinate...

...but once they started, they kept going.

They get bigger every day. They're so much fun to watch. I had no idea two months back that I would be acquiring a very large area to plant all of these things because they take up some space if you will be growing 40 of them!

This is the flower stalk of the proud parent lily. The buds should start opening in the next couple days.

The turtles were observing my observations from across the yard.

Michael was not too happy about being noticed.

He can be such a clam.

Is any of this interesting to Violet?


Do you remember that Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mumy in it? The one where he turns a man into a jack-in-the-box?

This is Violet wishing me to the cornfield.


Maureen said...

Learning to love turtles through you, I know people in NYC who have geckos because they eat roaches, do turtles catch mice?

Maria said...

I don't think I ever write about the twins in a flattering way so I'm glad you can see through all my complaints to find a way to appreciate them. :-)

Tortoises are scavengers so that means they're pretty much vegetarians. Turtles that live in water are carnivores (I'm not sure if all of them are though). That means they're pretty skillful in catching their prey but their prey is usually in the water with them. I suppose a snapper could catch a mouse if he waited long enough and the mouse was close enough...wouldn't bet on it though. I know with my two, it is far more likely they'd share their breakfast with the mice rather than try and catch them and eat them. I have Violet for mouse patrol anyway and she's an excellent mouser.

Leenie said...

Loved the cool lily. Pretty obvious why the name. I had no idea turtles had such personalities. The cat is a hoot. She matches the steps. She has the attutude and has mastered THE LOOK. Yeah, she could turn you into a pumpkin if it didn't mean ruining her easy source of food.