Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something Christmas-y and "P and D (precious and 'dorable)"

I can't get enough of this video...I want to knit everyone in it a sweater. Who knew squirrels were so talented? And that grasshoppers had rhythm?


Mental P Mama said...

Too sweet. I'll do their hats;)

abb said...

Thanks for the chuckle!

Country Girl said...

Oh, that was good!

Maria said...

I wish I could figure out the words because it's stuck in my head now. :-/

Q said...

Oh my goodness this is wonderful!!!!
I shall felt all of them a nice tea cozy!
So fun.
Thank you!
I am going back to watch again.

Maria said...

Hats, sweaters and a tea cosy. That should make some British animals very happy on Christmas morning.

I just love that seal with the lisp.

Maria said...

The lyrics:

Hey there internet
We don't want you to fret
But we're not doing splendidly
It is very cold out here in the snow
Without our friend David Bellamy
Bill Oddie's doing stuff
But it's not enough
So can you do one thing for me?

We have got to fight for every single bite
While you scoffle Christmas tea
That is why we say (oh yes yet again)
Can you do one thing for me?

Breathing places, space to roam
Somewhere that I can call my home
Wish I could be safe and sound
In a bucket beneath the ground

Dabadabadam, etc.

Wish I had a home for Christmas
Merry Christmas!