Friday, December 12, 2008


When I looked out into the backyard yesterday morning, I saw some tracks. There were some small ones, obviously from a cat, and some bigger ones, obviously from a.......raccoon? I sure was hoping for that but I have at least two stray cats that come to the back door for breakfast and dinner. One with small feet. One with enormous feet.

I really couldn't figure them out. They were much bigger than the cat tracks but I couldn't see the telltale little handprints you're supposed to see because the snow was in the process of melting...I had to go by how the animal was walking. That's what made it so confusing. When a raccoon walks, the foot in back will step in the hand print that was just made. I have no idea what was going on here. And the gaps? What on earth, if this was a raccoon, was he doing?

But then, this morning.......fresh tracks, fresh perfectly formed classic raccoon tracks.

Looks like somebody had climbed up my elm. I didn't see any tracks coming down so I'm hoping Freddie (if it is Freddie) is taking a nap up there and hopefully, I'll see him again soon. :-)

Woo hoo! Freddie might be back! :-D


Mental P Mama said...

Oh I hope so...I miss him dearly, too.

Maria said...

You and me both. :-)