Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paper parasols

When you collect old things, you can't help but wonder what era they came from, why they came to be and what kind of people owned them.

I'm imagining these crepe paper parasols were name cards for a possible bridal shower from the 50s or earlier. There are ten of them. Seven of them have names. Three of them are blank.

The seven names are Terry, Jane, Marie, Sarah, Sue, Camille and...........

I was wondering why these little parasols had names but were still together after so many years. Did people forget to take them home after the party? Or worse, was the party called off at the last minute? What was the story? 

Well, I'm assuming that since Bobbie Phipps has her last name written on the parasol, there must have been another Bobbie invited to the party. So I'm going to further assume that there were seven forgetful people and the parasols were too cute to throw out after the forgetful ones went home. Bonus for me. Fifty or more years later, I have something very pretty to hang on my Christmas tree.


Country Girl said...

I think you're right. There's always a few favors leftover from a bridal shower, aren't there? Or was this from a baby shower? Very cute to have the parasols for a "shower", too.

Maria said...

I know. I think the parasol/umbrella thing is cute for a shower too.