Monday, December 15, 2008

What happens just about every night...

Stella helps me with my computer...or helps me fill the dishwasher, or clean the other birds' cages, or do laundry. Stella always insists on helping me with something when she's fresh out of her cage. Stella just helped me write out a couple Christmas cards and success, none of the cards got a little chew. 

It's hard work maintaining your number one bird status when you feel you're always competing with two other birds as well as the two that have been staying with me as guests. This full attention I receive is flattering but it doesn't take long before she thinks that I finally got it, that she's convinced that I now think she is the most wonderful bird in the world, and that it's now time to find a good challenging project, preferably a new and fresh one. 

I'm not supposed to notice that she moved.

Or notice this either (right in front of me!!!). For as much as Stella is bonded with me, I know she thinks I'll never be as smart as her.

Hypocritical preening. She's on a mission but she doesn't want me to be aware of it. I've been through this with her for almost 18 years. I think I know what's up. Well I know what's up because she just found a new project a couple days ago and maybe she's right about how stupid I am, I never saw her do it.

She had held this pose for a long time. I thought for at least an hour.

And then I noticed this later:

She had been busy chewing on the electrical cord to a light in the kitchen...somehow managing a quick little chew without me noticing her because every time I looked up from my computer, she was still in her attentive pose. 

Gawd. I really don't know how she hasn't killed herself yet. Probably the evil in her. But tonight she was on a mission to complete her preening of the electrical cord...but I was on to her. 

This secret cord shredding is scary and I really should figure out a way so this will never happen again. I'm thinking this is probably the only solution for this constant chewing problem...

But how can you cover up a face like this?

No. I can't do it. Not a face like this:

I read once about an animal psychic who was reading animals' thoughts while she was being filmed for something on TV. She was reading the thoughts of a couple birds who shared their feelings about what was going on in their person's life but there was one however, that had just one driven thought. That bird saw all those cables hooking up everything that needed hooking up to produce a  TV show and offered to help strip the cable sheathing for her. "Just let me down and I can get those casings stripped off for ya." That would be Stella. On a mission to do some serious fixing and cleaning because according to her, she's the helper bird, and the best qualified to get things done.


Mental P Mama said...

I think deep down, she feels like she should be an only child.

Country Girl said...

MPM, I agree with you. She seems put out about something, doesn't she?

Tami Weingartner said...

Oh NOOOOO!!!!! No Hannibal Lector (sp) mask for Stella...she promises to be a good wittle birdie.

Maria said...

I never had kids so I guess what's going on is somebody needing even more attention and even more face time. Stella's always been a bad bird and has been diagnosed neurotic (I disagree but that's what one vet said of her) but these last couple months, she has been even more badly behaved than normal ...AND exceptionally needy. Okay, I need to give her my full attention (normally I feel that she gets 95% and the other birds have to split up the leftover 5%) but we'll see if she gets ALL of it, if she improves at all. She is currently on my shoulder having the best time preening. I guess I have my answer there.

After Photoshopping raccoon body parts on my friend's baby and then Photoshopping that Wikipedia page, I thought it would be fun to put that Hannibal Lecter mask on her (oh, does she NEED one of those) but after I put it on her, it just looked so sad to me. I hate to say it but I like her spunk and her calculating evilness. Not a lot.....but more than seeing her restrained in a mask.

If Stella could live with a house full of cats, she'd be in heaven. I think one of the guest birds is the one causing her all this emotional trauma. Babe's a wonderful cockatiel who is the definition of goodness itself (you could probably find him in Wikipedia if you give me a couple minutes to Photoshop it in there-ha ha ha). Babe's cage is about four feet from hers so I'll see if there's any improvement with Stella if I move Babe's cage into another room.

Thanks, Dr. Moms.

Maria said...

Tami-Fear not. NO mask for Stella. And even if I DID manage to put a good muzzle on her, she's such a good shredder, that mask would be off her face in a minute or two. I also know that while she was removing the mask, she would enjoy every minute it took to complete her mission. She's a determined bird and if there is a need to get something shredded, do not doubt that said item will get shredded. :-)

DerekSmalls said...

You should put some electrical tape around the frayed wires so that your bird can't get deeper