Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More "More is More" mosaics

The little drawing was made by Jen Kostecki of her grey cheek parakeet Jackson. The frame is made of glass, small bits of mirrored glass, buttons, beads and a place card holder in the shape of a...goose?

It's hard to take a clear photo through glass, in a dark room and leaning over a birdcage with someone's beak letting you know they don't appreciate the intrusion over their airspace. This is the best I could do to get a good closeup of little Jack's portrait.

This is another Cathy Law collaged paper kitty. The frame is made of glass, buttons, beads, wire and one metal washer. The silvery looking glass was made by painting the reverse side with silver paint. 

I think this handsome kitty looks like a Chinese emperor in my overly embellished frame. 

There are a lot of celluloid buttons and beads used in this piece that are situated very close to metal. I've been lucky that after more than ten years, the celluloid has not crumbled into nothingness. If you have ever opened an old fruitcake tin filled with buttons and found a lot of crumbs at the bottom and some mystifying loose metal button shanks, those crumbs used to be celluloid buttons. Even if it's a glass jar, if you store celluloid buttons with metal buttons in something airtight, a chemical reaction takes place between the celluloid and metal causing both to disintegrate...mostly the celluloid. If you have some forgotten old buttons sitting somewhere, you might want to remove the celluloid ones and store them somewhere away from metal and not in something airtight. They need to breathe.

As always, click on the images if you want to see them in more detail.

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