Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two examples of "More is More"

These two little mosaic frames are about 6 by 6 inches and are made of glass, a broken mirror, buttons (some stacked on top of other buttons), tumbled glass, and some extra things like a pair of ceramic shoes, a chandelier prism, an old rhinestone elephant pin with a broken clasp and some little plastic elephant charms.

I collect a lot of things (lusterware, honeycomb paper, hand-colored prints for example) but I also collect things just because of their color. One of my favorite colors to collect is "tango orange." It was a color popular in the 20s and 30s. It's a very intense, can't your take your eyes off it, reddish orange. It's probably one of those colors that was made with uranium. I don't care, I still adore it.

Inside these two frames are two little pieces of art from friends. The cut paper kitty in the top frame was done by Cathy Law (who has no flaw) and the one on the bottom? Well....I know I did the color. I had tested a red I was mixing (this was done in the pre-digital age) on a 3x5 and when I came back to my desk, I think a Mr. Dick Daniels  had dropped by to add some linework while I was away. :-) 

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