Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas inspiration

When I draw animals, they're usually very helpful and thoughtful animals. They put on their work socks and get right in there to help with whatever needs some helping.

My inspiration for such sweet behavior?

Oh, this would not be it. Yesterday Violet stayed in her pajamas all day and wouldn't get out of bed.

So the tree decorating was done just by me. And while I was retrieving ornaments from godknowswhere upstairs, my neighbor's security alarm went off. I knew he was visiting relatives for the day so I ran over to check on the house but saw no one.........but the front door was open. I called the police and apparently there was a quick break-in (the thief was in and out before the alarm went off a minute later!). So I decorated my tree in between going out and talking to the police officers and later my neighbor who had to leave his family north of the river and return home to attend to a broken door frame. The thief ran off with some presents that my neighbor and his girlfriend had just opened before they left to visit his folks. My neighbor seemed pretty calm about it though... he's probably getting used to these break-ins (last year the thieves used his back door). Lovely neighborhood I live in. 

I don't think he liked the "man purse" he got from his girlfriend anyway. That was one of the things stolen and my neighbor seemed kind of glad it was gone. And maybe some other guy might be receiving it as a "Christmas gift" today and kind of wishing he never got it either.

Anyway, ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Christmas crime tree because that's all I could think about in the twenty minutes it took to decorate it. But I got it done fast. When you know the police are going to be at your door soon and for who knows how long, inspiration hits you faster than enjoying the mood of  sitting around drinking coffee and staring at your passed out cat in the sunshine.


Mental P Mama said...

Priceless. Way better than a manpurse;) Maybe Freddie will come back and protect everyone.

Country Girl said...

Oh! There's the tree! My question from the post above this has now been answered. Very retro and cool.

I don't like man purses either and think it's hilarious that your neighbor was relieved that it wasn't there!! If he'd liked it, wouldn't he have taken it with him on his travels? So there.

Maria said...

Mental-Oh yes. The true gift of have your man purse stolen and be given to someone more deserving. Ha ha.

And as for that Freddie, it snowed a couple days ago but I didn't see any fresh raccoon tracks. But right now it's 68 degrees outside so I might try this...keep the back door open and put something in the oven and hope that its aroma will find its way to Freddie's nose. It's happened before.

We are two eternally hopeful people, aren't we? :-)

Maria said...

Kate-oh, and I just answered your question in MY post above and added some two or three cents of opinion about the state of the nation. Yes. You are right, the tree is retro and very cool......but too tall to put on a table and too short to put on the floor so I'm always knocking into it. Good thing everything hanging from it is unbreakable.