Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas ornaments

I have collected a lot of honeycomb paper ornaments over the years. A lot. Since this year's tree is a small one, I hung only the tiny delicate ones-the Japanese lantern ornaments. The tallest ones are about 2 inches tall.

I have one set that is colored.

And an identical set in white.

They're very delicate and pretty.

And since I can't resist a bird with a personality EVER, I must have about fifty of these little guys. 

And quite a few of these glitter birds too (looks like this guy is not too used to flying though).

And to finish the tree off, a set of deco era bridge tallys. I keep meaning to collect more of these things because they do look pretty hanging from a tree. Perhaps I should keep that in mind for next year's tree(s). :-)


Mental P Mama said...

Now I want to collect honeycomb paper.

Country Girl said...

Oh, my gosh! These are so unique. Like you! What kind of tree is that? Very interesting wine color.

Gina Martin said...

merry christmas, maria!

Maria said...

Mental-I'm not sure how it started but I was consumed in acquiring anything honeycomb for years, still am but I think I have all of it by now. Ha ha ha. The white honeycomb garlands are on eBay every now and then and when you string them on the tree, they sort of emulate popcorn strings...but i like the honeycomb better. They weigh nothing so you can really load up a tree with them. I usually have one tree that has about 5 or six strands of white honeycomb garland on it, as well as white lights, the white paper parasols I posted about recently and just for a little color, some old faded vintage glass balls. It's really a pretty and delicate tree. This year just got away from me even though I did plan on doing some extreme decorating this year. Oh well. Next Christmas.

Check on eBay and look for "honeycomb garland." I think they should be around 20 bucks. Make sure none of the honeycomb is crushed. One ball or two won't make that much of a difference because you can probably hide the damage while hanging it. However, when these things get crushed, they stay crushed. You don't want one that is too damaged. They're not uncommon so just be patient and another one in better condition will eventually show up on eBay. I like the white garlands the best but I have some blue ones, green ones and some maroon and white striped ones.

There are also ornaments in the shape of santa heads, snowman heads, bells, balls, and trees. They're out there. Again, make sure none of them have been crushed in any way. The condition is more important with ornaments.

Let me know if you want me to post some pictures of these things. I was just going to write about them again next year but I can post something in January so you can see what you might want to look to collect over the coming year. :-)

Maria said...

Kate-I got that tree from the old MarthaByMail site which disappeared when Martha Stewart had to streamline her business because of her upcoming prison time. She had the BEST stuff on that site. A lot of really unique, beautiful things.

Poor timing on Martha's part. If she made her infraction now, she might have been rewarded with a big bailout. But then, she didn't do anything that hurt anyone or even caused her to make money. I never understood why she had to take the heat when there were other corporations at the time like Enron and Worldcom that should have been receiving the amount of public scrutiny and condemnation that she was getting.

Well, didn't mean to get on my soapbox for a simple question about CHRISTMAS. I think there are cellophane trees still being made though....just not by Martha. And it was described as pink but it does approach more of a wine color.

Maria said...

Back at ya, Gina. Can you believe the weather????? 68 degrees!!!!!

Maria said...

Kate. Thank you for the nice compliment. I forgot to thank you for that. :-/

Q said...

Dear Maria,
Happy Christmas time!
These are very, very pretty ornaments.
I bet your tree is a delight.
Yo-yoing temperatures are driving me silly!
Hope you have a great New Year. I am going out of town for a few days. I am searching for butterflies.
Looking forward to spending time with you in 2009!

Maria said...

Sherry, when I finally closed the back door last night after checking to see if maybe Freddie might be out there (he wasn't), I actually saw some insects crawling around on the deck. It was too dark to figure what they were but they were probably ants. Can you believe the weather yesterday? It was still 65 degrees at midnight.

I hope you find some butterflies on your birthday. :-)

abb said...

That blue bird...I had one just like him on my childhood Xmas tree! My sis must have gotten him! Darn her!