Saturday, November 22, 2008

What is this?

If Stella could hold her breath underwater, more importantly if she could swim, more importantly if she could cooperate and get along with others and not tear out the sequins in her swimming suit (as well as everyone else's), I would sign Stella up for a synchronized swimming class like that!

Or maybe she could be a little teapot in a school play, short and stout.

Please, no photos during the performance. The flash will disturb the artiste.


abb said...

Just read all the Stella posts - she sounds like a never-a-dull-moment kind of gal. And so neat the way birds choose their human. I didn't know that!

Mental P Mama said...

I love her. No, really.

Maria said...

TSannie-you are so right-never a dull moment with that one out of her cage. I've got to do some research and see if raccoons pick their humans too. Still haven't seen Freddie but a friend said he probably has a lot of bags to pack.

Mental-Ha ha. I feel the same way. She is soooo horrible but I still love her. Can't justify it though. :-)

Q said...

Dear Maria,
I adore "Stella and Tea Pot"...
She is very cute!
My husband brought in a caterpiller yesterday. He was cleaning up some leaves and found the little critter. This morning I cannot find said guest. Oh well, caterpillers are rather harmless, right? They do not eat wool do they?
I bet Stella could find him.

Maria said...

I can see why you like the teapot one, Sherry. :-) As for all moth larvae and wool eating, I don't know about that. I think it's just a certain sort of moth that goes for the wool. I discovered a little green caterpillar in front of the tv set (????) last week and just picked it up and handed it over to Starlinka. It's tough figuring out your feelings about bugs when you love them but you live with a bird that really loves them because she's an insectivore!

Tami Weingartner said...

Stella appears to be a world class diva!

Maria said...

Tami-No question about that. Why would anyone think to question that? :-)

Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh.

Oh, my gosh!!

That is so cute.