Monday, November 3, 2008

Preening the fritters

When Starlinka (the starling) was a baby, she couldn't quite get a handle on the pronunciation of "feathers." In the early stages it came out sounding like "fritters." She quickly learned how to pronounce "feathers" but I instantly learned a new way of mispronouncing it. 

You know how sometimes you hear a word that is so grandly mispronounced, you can't resist using it yourself? I remember when I first moved to Kansas City and heard someone in a store pronounce designer Evan Picone as "e-VON pe-CON." I can't say it any other way now..."e-VON pe-CON." Say it out loud. It will make you laugh.

Anyway, this is a little movie of Eli visiting all the birds yesterday while they were out on the deck enjoying the gorgeous, sunny fall weather. He's the cat I mentioned in an earlier post that was feral his whole life except for a couple month stint with some former neighbors down the street. He didn't like it there. He didn't like their dog....or them....or their cat.....and one day he just took off and never went back.

I heard the birds sound out a gentle alarm that something a little amiss was going on and looked out to find Eli very politely sitting there with the birds. He was so good about not bothering the birds that I served him a plate of food. He's still confused about this civilization thing as you can see. Doesn't know what the hell he's supposed to do.

But he eventually figured it out. It was the time of day for everybody to preen their fritters.


Mental P Mama said...

That last shot is priceless!

Maria said...

Isn't it? That poor cat is so clueless. Earlier this year I was trying to trap one of the strays because it was injured and until I finally captured her, every time I heard the trap go off, there was Eli stuck inside. Again and again.

Watching him with all those caged birds yesterday was so funny because he was so bewildered by it all. It was so darn sweet when he finally joined the birds in their mandatory group preening. :-)

Q said...

Dear Maria,
You have a big heart!
So funny how Eli figured out just how she could fit in!
You are a friend to the critters.