Saturday, November 8, 2008

What is this?

Monkey? Cat?      Monkeycat?

Oh it's you know who. Making himself completely at home. The bold and brazen article who is now even more so.

Last night I noticed that the gray cat that smells of cigarettes showed up for his dinner and as I was serving him his dinner...I noticed  the raccoon coming up the deck steps. I went inside, got another plate of catfood, went outside, no raccoon in sight so I set the plate down and returned to the house. And that's when a little dark hand reached out from under the glider and got hold of my jeans. Good grief! The boldness. I was a little taken aback and even more so once the raccoon managed to crawl out from under the glider and started eating the catfood that had been set down for the gray cat. The food that was right outside the back door (the raccoon's plate had been set down further down on the deck). Well, what to do? In between the open back door to my house and me was this pretty big raccoon in a pretty tight area. I couldn't walk over him and I couldn't walk around him so I waited for him to finish the plate. When he was done eating, he didn't know what he was supposed to do either. Luckily the gray cat had had enough of all this special treatment and jumped down, punched the raccoon  in the nose a couple times and then they both took off to separate parts of the deck to cool off (well, one of them took off to cool off, the other one just waddled around like John McCain at a presidential debate).

I'm glad the gray cat did that because I could now safely get back into my I could bring out even more food. Yes, I know what I'm doing is stupid but then, that's what everyone in my family dies of, we can't help it, it's in the genes.  Really, I had to tell a new doctor one time that people tend to do something stupid in my family and then die which is why my family medical history was so lacking. When my dad, at 70 or so, decided he had never bungee jumped before and wanted to try it...well, why not do it from the tallest bridge in the world? My sister and brother went to witness that when he decided to go jumping in New Zealand because someone ought to claim the body if this was going to be his final act of stupidity (it wasn't). 

Here's the raccoon working on his second plate and if you look in the background, you can see the gray cat giving him a mean look. Click on the image to see the larger version. Hmmm...maybe he's giving me a mean look.

The raccoon didn't want to get punched in the nose again so he climbed up on the bench to avoid any further confrontations.

Here he is looking small and scared and pitiful. He's a good actor. He's none of those things.

The gray cat got served his food on a ledge outside the back door so everything was peaceful again at the all-you-can-eat. 

The raccoon finished his second plate of catfood and a couple grapes, climbed up on the glider, got comfortable, and then started.......... getting...............sleepy.......

...1.........2..............3.............and he was completely passed out.

Thanksgiving's coming up and one of my traditions is to make a complete dinner for all the pets served on real plates. I love watching my birds carefully eat their mashed potatoes and gravy while I drink champagne. I wonder if the bold, brazen article will be here for the annual event. No doubt by that time he will have moved into the spare bedroom and will be helping me make dinner by peeling the potatoes. I know those little hands could learn to do it.


Mental P Mama said...

Well, I cannot wait to see the pictures of your Thanksgiving! Do the turtles eat then, too?

Maria said...

Mental-I've never really served the turts anything elaborate on Thanksgiving because they would just sit on the plates, scowl and then get mad because they didn't understand what they were sitting on. Cathy Jean does like a baked sweet potato (served at room temperature) though.

I'll try and remember to take pictures. Eddie (the amazon) is the most fun to watch because she's so careful about everything she eats. Cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy, and um....chicken. People are always horrified to hear that birds like to eat...poultry but as a bird owner, you probably know about their real preference for steak or anything with tomato sauce and melted cheese (also known as "Italian"). :-)

Q said...

Dear Maria,
Oh my goodness!!!Your Raccoon has moved in! These are wonderful pictures...I love the one of the raccoon relaxing after supper on the glider. I wonder when he will bring the rest of the clan?
We serve peanut butter and jelly to ours in a live animal trap! We found a lovely spot, down by the river, for all the raccoons and opossums that come to our deck for bird seed.
My husband has become an excellent trapper.
My birds also get special treats for Thanksgiving. I think I will try offering a chesse ball this year. The crackers will be on the side for those that are watching carbs.

Maria said...

Hmmm...hadn't thought about serving the cheese separate from the crackers. I'll have to consider that.

Sherry, you're so silly.