Monday, November 17, 2008

I looked out the kitchen door window at 7 pm...

...and who was that on the glider? Was it the gray cat, or the raccoon? I really couldn't tell and 7 pm is not really raccoon time. Whoever it was, he was all rolled up in a ball and fast asleep. When I studied  him, all I could see was a ball of gray fur, some pointed ears and a tail that was tucked around tight, but whoever it was, he did have some subtle striping in his tail... so I opened the door to check out who it was. Guess who unrolled himself and showed his sleepy face? He had been waiting.

Meg says I'm running a coontina. :-) Yes, I am. From 6pm to 1am every night, it's all you can eat and only what you want to eat. Tonight I gave him his plate of cat food but he wanted more,  so I just handed him a measuring cup full of catfood through the slightly open screen door. Although he's entirely comfortable with me, I'm not so trusting of him (although so far he's the been the best behaved "stray cat" that's come around ). He took the measuring cup from my hand and seemed to like grabbing the food from the cup since when he eats, everything is carried from his hand to his mouth. Later I tossed him a small bunch of grapes and he carefully rolled them all back to the paper plate. He certainly is a civilized little thing. 

He reminded me of a sketch I had done of my old cat Bert in my 1982 sketchbook (I've had it lying around because I pulled it out to post that ghost drawing on Halloween). 


and the cat impostor: 

Somebody has this stray cat lifestyle nailed! He certainly has had plenty of cats to study. Here's Violet giving him some strong scrutiny after the poor thing just woke up. That lasted all of 15 seconds and then the two totally ignored each other. I think the raccoon is her favorite stray cat that has appeared at the back door.

He continues to be so damn cute. Later this evening, I called Violet's name to get her back in the house for the night and who came running up the deck steps?

Not the solid gray cat who has lived in this house for 14 years whose first name starts with the letter "V."


Mental P Mama said...

This coon has me completely wrapped around his paw!

Country Girl said...

Sounds like you have another pet. You could name her, you know. Or him. Victor. Victoria. Vivian. Vincent.

It's apparent that it has moved in.

Maria said...

Oh Mental, not you tooooo.

Kate-Weird!!! We were both thinking of names that started with the letter "V." I was trying out Viggo on him yesterday and today I thought of naming him Vince (after a bold, brazen former co-worker). Yep. I believe he is a pet. But he is NOT moving indoors like my friends at work think. No. No. No. Even if he does learn how to peel potatoes by Thanksgiving, he's going to have to do that outdoors.

abb said...

Oh dear...what a wonderful story! I'll be back for more!
(Here on MPM's recommendation - and it was a good recommendation!)

Maria said...

Kate-just reread my original post and I did mention a name starting with "V" but I meant my cat "Violet." Still...I was on the V track to name the raccoon too.

Tsannie-I think I've only seen this little (well, a month or two back he was little) raccoon 4-5 times but I am just captivated. I just hope he doesn't jump on me and then force me to go to a neighbor's house to have him removed. That's going to be something to explain because I see that coming. :-) When he raced up the deck steps last night when he heard me calling for my cat Violet, I ran even faster into the house. But once I got that screen door closed, he sure is a cute thing to watch. After he finished eating last night he stood up, rested his belly on glider and stood up tall, put his arms over his head and gave himself a bigggggg stretch before climbing into "bed" on the glider. Just too P and D (precious and 'dorable).