Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Ride With the Devil"

This is a scene from "Ride With the Devil," a film directed by Ang Lee about the American Civil War which was filmed in the Kansas City area in 1999. 

If you look behind the door, there is a little frame...

...and if you look in my house, you will now find it hanging on my dining room wall (um, but photographed on my front porch because I needed some good light).

I got the frame at an auction of props that were used in the movie. I put that little 1909 pumpkin in the frame because I liked the tension ripples that looked like they were emanating from that little clenched toothed jack-0-lantern (I'm not so enthused with that paper with the clamshell pattern, one of these days I've got to replace it with something simple and plain).

I've bought several things at auctions (you can find some really great stuff) but instead of getting better at it, I am decidedly getting worse. The last time I was bidding on something, the auctioneer had to stop the auction and ask me what I was doing. Was I actually trying to bid, and if I was, was I sure that I wanted to?  

I've been seeing a range of expressions in that little jack-o-lantern face. I know when I wrote about this little pumpkin before, I likened his expression to what I felt was being thrown at me by the turtles that day. Looking at it now, it's got kind of a confused but stunned expression. I think that was what the auctioneer was seeing on my face during the auction. :-)

Btw, no Freddie sightings since Monday. :-)


Mental P Mama said...

I think the pumpkin looks a little worried about the economy. And now I shall worry about Freddie until he returns;)

Is the movie a good one?

abb said...

You really must tell the full story of that auction sounds like a very good story.

Country Girl said...

We must remember that Freddie is a wild animal, right? So his sightings will be something exciting from now on.
And I think it's really cool that you have that little picture frame from the movie. Not that I ever saw the movie, but it was immortalized on film.

Maria said...

Mental-I know. I just love that pumpkin drawing. So many expressions with just one set of clenched teeth. :-) And you're right. A perfect face for today's economy.

Regarding the movie...I only rented it because I bought the frame at an auction and a chair at an antique store. My other interest in the movie was that it was filmed locally and since I did not grow up in this area, I was unaware of the history of Kansas City and the importance of the Kansas/Missouri border in the Civil War. It's a long, slow film and at the end of it you realize how lucky you are that you did not live in that time period. Absolutely everything for every person of any race at that time period was horrible. Everyone suffered.

Maria said...

TSannie-Do I have to? I think the problem is that my facial expressions don't match up to what I'm thinking and that's what throws people off. When I was younger, I had a hard time getting people to believe me when I said the word "no." I used to practice the word "no" with my friend Ken because he could throw off a good baritone NO. That didn't quite work out either because it takes a few seconds to get yourself into position (pulling your head into your neck) and that is SO unflattering, combined with what my face was doing.....that didn't work out either. Although......when I bid on a painting over the phone, I was asked the same thing when they were at the "going, going, going, sold" point. The guy on the other end of the phone didn't believe I was serious about bidding either. I don't know. It's probably something that everyone around me knows all about and I just haven't figured it out for myself yet. :-/

Maria said...

Kate-oh I know, I'm not going to be inviting Freddie the raccoon into the house for Thanksgiving dinner but that doesn't mean I won't set a plate outdoors for him if he shows up. :-)

I love watching him but I'm afraid the next stage of interaction will have him on my head and me wandering around the neighborhood for a couple hours trying to get a neighbor to open their door to call 911 for me. Yep. Caution is key. When I take the photos of him it's with one foot still in the house and my hand on the screen door so I can make a fast escape if necessary. Freddie is not a fast mover however, even when he has 2 cats and a possum giving him a piece of their minds.

Q said...

Dear Maria,
A very cool auction you went to.
I used to go to them when I was in the antique business.
I have had so much fun catching up with you.
The critters have had their way with you too. Always love to know about the bugs. Miss Latte LAcewing was so pretty. Mantis is
lovly any time of year. That face was not intended to be mean just determined!
Your bedroom looks so bright and cheerful. I need to do a all surface clean again too. I have too much stuff again!