Sunday, November 30, 2008

It snowed last night.

Not a lot. Just enough to make the whole house glow with brightness when I woke up this morning. I don't like the increasingly short days that happen at this time of the year, but when there is snow on the ground, that's something different. Love it. I've always loved snow. 

That's me at age 4 hugging the snow in the front yard. There are some things you are just born loving I guess. :-)


Country Girl said...

Beautiful photograph and sweet memory. So that's what hugging snow looks like!

Mental P Mama said...


Anonymous said...

Your Thanksgiving sentiments mirror mine. You asked me about my redfoot, Ruby. She is 1 1/2 yrs and about 6in. She is housed in a bookcase, laid on its back with short legs, on a huge table in my art room. it has screened tops for the lights to sit on and one side has 2 windows cut in it with removable acrylic windows so i can easily take care of her. it is lined with heavy plastic so i can have a lawn, herb garden, turtle safe plants, shallow pond, mulch and her hide space. 3 sides are covered with one of those aquarium type backgrounds. We will build her an outside home on our deck, we have 3 greyhounds who would probably like to play catch with her as the football so she needs a secure space. I lost a box turtle a few years ago from my yard, so i am not taking any chances with this gal. She is adorable. Thanks for the daily laugh and smile your blog brings

Tami Weingartner said...

What an adorable little snow hugger you were!

Maria said...

Mary-Ruby sounds like the ideal size-big enough that you can see her, not so big that you notice your couch being moved into another room. And it sounds like she has quite the pad!

I heard of a guy who lives in the east Kansas City area who has lots and lots of turtles and when he puts them outdoors for the summer, each turtle has his own area with his own privacy fence or moat or something separating his area from the others. Each little turtle area is like a playground because it has tunnels and bridges and pools,etc. It sounds like quite the place. Sounds like Ruby might eventually get a pretty nice outdoor space too.

Thanks for your kind comment. I've been writing a lot in the last week and am feeling a little worn out but your nice comment helps me to push ahead.

Kate and Mental-Aw, thank you. I'd rather be taking pictures of bugs and raccoons but it was fun to snoop around in the backyard looking for some color to photograph. It was one graaaaay day yesterday.

Tami-This is one of my favorite pictures when I was little because I can remember what I was thinking when my picture was being taken. Hey-are we ever going to hear more about your aunt's raccoon????? :-)