Sunday, November 9, 2008

Possibly, probably, almost certainly, my last post about insects for the year (no promises)

Every year at this time, I have to bring in all my plants when the night temperatures get below freezing. But then I put them all back out again when it warms up because I have no idea how I can permanently fit all those plants in the house. This happens every year and for some reason it is always a surprise. So in and out and out and in we go and with that comes a lot of confusion from the bugs that accidentally get carried indoors. 

This morning I heard a bunch of whacks coming from the kitchen and found an overly enthusiastic green stinkbug launching itself into the walls. So he got escorted out of the house.

And then there are the lacewings. Lots and lots of lacewings. What is unusual about them is that they pick just one kitchen light to congregate under. I have two identical overhead lights but just one of them works for them. When I brought them in the first time last weekend, they were green. I was a little surprised with this one who was climbing around the coffeepot colored. So she got put outside. Look at the size of those eyes! I think the term for that is caffeination!

But I believe she is saying thank you for keeping her warm overnight. And for the coffee.

And then she launched her little latte colored self off to somewhere else (after she jumped on me and the camera....oh why do they keep doing that?).

This morning a little ladybug joined me on the computer, too lazy to tuck in her flying wings. And no spots. I guess on a Sunday morning, even ladybugs take a day off from applying their makeup.

And every year there is always one praying mantis. I'm never sure what to do. I usually escort them right back outdoors, which is what I did with this guy after I took some pictures. He seemed to be pretty fascinated with the smoothness of my glossy enamel painted kitchen walls.

I tried to get a picture of him on something more interesting but he would have none of it. He scrambled back to the wall in no time flat. He was fascinated with that wall.

I realized it was kind of weird to see a praying mantis in your kitchen, let alone play with it.

Sherry said she kept a praying mantis on her ficus tree one winter. He was good for conversation when guests came over. I might have done the same thing with this guy if I didn't recognize that expression on his face.

I get that expression from my turtles almost constantly. Add one more? That would mean three and if you have three, you have a collection. And a collection of mean faces is something I don't want to start. So out he went, even though he was resistant for some reason. 

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Country Girl said...

Wow. I mean, really. I love when you post about insects and you can keep doing it to your heart's content for all I care.

So just get your little latte colored self (now, that was funny) out there with your camera!

I bring them in once and that's it. I am such a scrooge.