Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day to remember, November 4, 2008

Early in the evening yesterday, my sister called from Michigan saying the election results were leaning heavily in favor of Obama (Michigan is a blue state). I hadn't thought to check for election results yet because the polls hadn't yet closed in California. When I turned on the TV to watch the election results for Missouri (a red state) the election seemed like it was heading for a McCain win. The idea of a Republican win just made me ill. But then I had to interrupt our conversation and our speculation of the results in our two different states because just that minute,  I heard a noise coming from the back door. And when I looked, somebody was in the process of getting that screen door open. It was the "bold, brazen article" whom I have not seen since last month. I had to hang up on Colleen and attend to the door because those little raccoon hands were as focused as a turtle is on peony shrubs in the spring. I had to react immediately.

...which was to hand over as many white grapes as I had in the refrigerator. I hadn't seen this little guy for a month so I was very happy to see him again. Raccoons are so damn cute. I know they're destructive but look at that face!!!!

I think he ate about two dozen grapes before he realized he had eaten too many because the last one or two could not be forced in. They just fell out of his mouth back onto the deck. So we moved on to cat food (I think that's what he preferred anyway).

It was a very windy night. There were clinking sounds, wind chimes, dog barks, sudden gusts of wind which would send dry fallen leaves flying. This raccoon had absolutely no fear of me but the occasional little weird noises really spooked him (he found the dog barking very disturbing). When the grey cat that smells like cigarettes arrived for his dinner, that spooked the raccoon so much, he had to get to a high place immediately.

And pretend he was invisible.

After the grey cat left, he came back down...

...looking for either more food or something fun to do or both.

He nosed around for some more grapes and when he found that they were all gone, he grabbed the stems, rolled onto his back and started playing with them.

There were some more scary noises that weren't too scary but scary enough so he waddled under the glider and continued to play with the grape stems there. Raccoons strike the most ridiculous poses. But he eventually decided he had eaten and played enough and waddled off.

And then.......the possum arrived. It was time for his dinner.

Yesterday was an historic day, a day that hopefully will change the U.S. and the world for the better and how will I remember it? Me lying on the floor taking pictures of a little raccoon and possum who were trick or treating a couple days too late.


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Mental P Mama said...

Dr. Doolittle has nothing on you. Amazing.