Monday, July 20, 2009


And I will write more about this land ownership thing later but right now I'm exhausted.

Exhausted? Why? Well, gathering up three last minute certified checks from three different places just an hour or so before a closing appointment is something else. I felt like I was on an Amazing Race reality show on HGTV. One loan officer even met me with a check in an elevator. I think we were both running in place while we exchanged our "It was nice to meet yous" and then the two of us were off to our next appointment as fast as we could scramble. I would have gotten to the closing appointment on time...and I kind of did...but I was lost in a parking lot for ten minutes and had to call the title company to talk me into finding their building. An agent came out of the building with her phone, described where she was, I described where I was, we both saw a Pepsi truck. When the Pepsi truck started moving she said-"Follow that truck, follow that truck, it's coming in my direction!" I finally found the entrance to the building-even though it was the back entrance. It also helped that the agent was waving her arms at me. And then.....lots of paper signing and those 20.8 acres now belong to me. I think I'm happy about that...... Yes. Yes, I think I am definitely happy this time. 

After all the papers were signed, it started to rain but I decided to go take a look at the property as its new owner anyway. The first thing I saw was a camel cricket which is the one thing I was looking forward to never having in my life again (hateful things, I like or at least can tolerate most insects but camel crickets are right there with flying cockroaches.....eeeeeeugh, I just despise them). That was not an auspicious entry symbol to my new life. I guess the Irish in me can really bring out the superstition but then, but THEN, within seconds of feeling bad about seeing that horrible creature that "greeted" me, I got bumped in the back and it was Aussie Mueller, that sweet red dog from across the street.

So the two of us tromped through what we could tromp through because...did I say anything about the weeds? Seriously, there used to be a creek on the property, I swear...

Good thing I had an experienced guide dog to take me in and lead me out or I'd still be there, completely drenched but sucked dry by ticks.

But at least I'd be surrounded by a lot of pretty.


Anonymous said...

I just looked up what a Camel Cricket's a monster!

Congratulations on the 'Mine' status :)

Ps. Still jealous, despite the giant weeds and monsters, haha!

Country Girl said...

Sorry about the monster greeting! But what an adventure for you with your 'Mine'. Good luck to you.

Maureen said...

Yahoo, an official land owner! Get those turtles out there to tromp down the weeds. And maybe scare off the camel crickets while they're at it.

Maria said...

Wonk-I didn't link anything to the word "camel cricket" because they are just sooooo nasty., I didn't want that image stuck in ANYONE'S head. Eeeeeeeee! And when you said you looked it up, well, I had to too to see what you found. Ohmigawd. I always wondered why they were so lopsided with the number of legs. Apparently when they're starving, they just chomp on themselves. Eeeeeeeeugh. They're worse than flying cockroaches.

And now that all that decision and money stuff is over with, I am feeling very happy about being a land baroness. :-) Those giant weeds are something else though. What are they going to be like in a month????

Kate-Aren't you up in Maine or something? :-) Thanks for checking in on me.

Maureen-Oh I wish I wish I wish but those two turts are worthless when it comes to bugs. They like everything served on a plate and turtle bite-sized. And those crickets jump so high and so fast, there's no way a turtle can get a good chance to stomp on them. I'll just have to do all the weedcare myself and if there is a serious camel cricket infestation, I'll need to find an even more serious cricket predator. >:-)