Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A story of Stella and her fascination with teeth

Stella was just on my shoulder while I was working on the computer and started to do her weird thing of trying to get at my teeth. She'll do this with strangers too. She'll lean over and stretch and stretchhhhhhhh and reeeeeeach and before you know it she has jacked open your mouth and she's got her head in it. It's disgusting but it's something she feels compelled to do every now and then.  She was just up to her sneaky business of examining teeth when I thought I'd distract her and take a picture. I forgot she hates having her picture taken.

She was very good about having the first picture taken but it doesn't take long before this sort of thing starts to happen. Nope, she does not want her picture taken. No. No. No. No. No. She wants to get back to her dental work.

When Stella was a baby bird, that's when I discovered this weird fascination of hers. One day she was perched on my hand while I was watching TV. What I forgot was that my cat Bert was lying right next to me. Bert was a one in a million cat. The most gentle sweet boy ever. Anyway, commercial break and I looked over and Stella had jacked open Bert's mouth, had her head completely inside it and was busy examining his back molars. Bert, being the unusual cat that he was (and I have no idea how long Stella had her head in there) had this exaggerated expression of confusion, sort of a "please hellllllp me, I don't know what to doooooo" look. I now have to try and keep Stella away from everyone's mouth, especially cats (!) but it's a struggle because she's a very determined bird. Very.

One year I asked Vince what I should get Stella for Christmas and he said, "Her two front teeth."

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snakey said...

even the devil is impressed with her special effects...did she turn her head all the way around?