Thursday, September 25, 2008

An introduction to the fishpond

This is my little pond situated right below the deck and next to the steps leading down to the backyard. I like how tucked in it is. It is surrounded by lattice on two sides, steps on one side and on the one exposed side, there is a turtle high row of rocks with potted plants in front. You can probably guess where I'm going next with this story. For a good ten years or more, the turtles never even thought of looking to see what was behind the potted plants. All they knew was that the few times they pushed the potted plants, they didn't budge. Interest was lost for a couple more years. But one day, I went into the backyard and  found Michael Ray in the pond. He just about filled the entire pond (that poor fish!). The only way he could have gotten in there (I could tell from the evidence of a potted plant that also was floating in the pond) was to climb up two steps, push a rather big potted plant out of the way, and then leap in. I am relieved to know that desert tortoises can float, sort of. What a mess. A couple days later I found Cathy Jean in the pond! If one turtle has or does something, the other one has to have or do it too. At least that's how it works with the twins. 


Mental P Mama said...

Too funny. Are they really twins. Like from the same batch of eggs? They fascinate me!

Maria said...

Yep. They're twins. And I guess all that goes on with twins. Lots of bickering but if they get separated, they miss each other.

Q said...

Dear Maria,
Pretty little pond.
I love turtle stories.
One of these days I would love to meet your turtles. My husband thinks your turtles are fantastic!
I think you are fantastic!(And your turtles too).

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the photograph and am also fascinated by how "personable" your turtles sound.