Monday, September 1, 2008

Praying mantis

I know this guy thinks he's well camouflaged but those grasshoppers have me hyper-aware of being watched,  and I sensed I was being watched.

I parted the grass to get a better view. He didn't mind. I have to compliment him on his grey matching the grey of the grass and his green matching what's left of the green on the grass. Well done.

Excellent balancing between the grass leaves too. Reminds me of the bamboo fighting scene in "House of Flying Daggers" with him perched invisibly up high just waiting...waiting. He is ninja. I think if we could hear him attack, he would sound just like Bruce Lee.

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Country Girl said...

what prety pictures you have on your blog! i love the turtles and the fact that you feed them vegetables on plates.

very cool!! nice header, too.